Atkins s2
Voted Out
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Tribe(s) Honiara
Placement 18/20
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted ?

Atkins is a contestant from Survivor: Solomon Islands.


How old are you? I'm 17 years old
What city do you live in? I live near New Haven, CT.
Are you going to be VERY active in this game? I will be very active this game, because discussion with my tribe mates not only gives me a social advantage, but also allows me to be in touch strategically.
What is your strategy going into Survivor: Solomon Islands? My strategy is to law pretty low early on, and subtly set up different end game options for myself, and generally be nice and funny so that people like me and want to cooperate.
What is the most important aspect of Survivor-physical, social, or strategic? Most important aspect is strategic, but social is a close second because you can be very strategic, but if people don't like you, they'll get rid of you early or won't give you their jury vote.
Are you more of a leader or a follower? I'm more of a leader, but I'm completely willing to follow those who desire influence. To those who prefer to be following, I tend to offer soft suggestions to steer them my way without being dominant.
Who is your favorite Survivor contestant of all time? My favorite survivor of all time would be Will Wahl, because I identify with him a lot and admire him being the youngest player ever, plus I got in touch with him and we talk frequently and he is a really cool and nice. Second favorite would be Spencer Bledsoe.
Why do you think you will win Survivor in 1 sentence? I think I'll win survivor because I can play a strong social game, making subtle strategic moves which I can utilize in the end game.


Voting HistoryEdit

Atkins' Voting History
Episode Atkins'
Voted Against
1 Layla;
2 Nico -
3 Nico Abi, Aztec, Brayth,
Nico, Noel, Rob, TJ
Voted Off, Day ?

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