Season Siberia
Day Formed Day 1
Opposing Tribes Kemerovo


Dissolved Day ?

Irkutsk was one of the starting tribes on Survivor: Siberia.

Tribe HistoryEdit

The tribe name and colour was selected by the captain Chris C. He also selected Zepp, Jon, Entei, JP and Toon for the tribe, in that order.

Irkutsk performed very well in the premerge phase of the game, winning six challenges for six immunities. After the trust rankings were made public, JP was the only contestant in Siberia to mutiny to another tribe, and went to Kemerovo. He was voted out at their next Tribal Council.

After the merge the tribe dissolved and the former members joined the Vodka tribe.


  • Chris C
  • Entei
  • Jon
  • JP
  • Toon
  • Zepp